About Robert Hollis

“My passion is helping people to be Happy and Successful! Life Mechanic Coaching and Mentoring Programs is based on you achieving real, lasting,and powerful results! It’s about transforming the quality of your life for now and forever! In order to do this, you must adopt new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. You need to listen to new voices and ask new questions. Life Mechanic Coaching and Mentoring Programs will put you into a new state of thinking and feeling! By taking new actions, you will get new results which will help you gain new perspectives for your life!”

– Robert Hollis

Robert Hollis is an author, speaker, personal coach and mentor to thousands.

Robert is the “Millionaires’ Mentor” with a documented 52 millionaires who credit him as their business mentor and has earned over 46 million in commissions. In an effort to create more millionaire success stories worldwide, and to continue his Give-It-Forward philosophy, Robert has created an online mentorship program grounded in the social media platform that is focused on educational training called, Robert’s Master Class. This combination of social media and education is a missing link. The membership goal of Robert’s Master Class System is one million; currently, it has an enrollment of over 187,000 students and continues to climb daily.

As an Entrepreneurial Evangelist, Robert Hollis seizes every opportunity to encourage those who will listen, to take ownership of their economic future. He is on a mission to inspire people to reach for their dreams and beyond. His specific focus is to teach people how to identify the best income opportunities and train them on EXACTLY how to master the skills, methods and techniques to build these opportunities into massive profitability. Robert Hollis leads people on a clear path to success.

Robert has personally built several successful online businesses including one that serves a satisfied customer base of over million people in many countries. He helps people to understand two of the most important elements to business building – multiple income streams and residual income. His businesses have yielded him a residual income of over 2.5 million dollars a year. Just as important, he has trained thousands of people to follow his path of generating that multiple and residual income stream.

Robert is down to earth, engaging, vibrant, warm and has a fabulous sense of humor with hidden “Golden Nuggets”. He has inspired and entertained crowds of people from all walks of life and all over the globe. Once you hear Robert Hollis speak, you will see why his mentoring style is so effective, like no other on this planet, and loved by so many.

Robert working with students at his Create Your Extraordinary Life Event