Bankruptcy in All Areas of Your Life?

If you’re always looking for things outside of you to excite you and to get you successful, you are doing it wrong!

What should you do first?  How many of you are consistently getting course after course after course after course?  Going to training after training after training after training? And you believe what you know what to do; you just don’t know why you’re not doing it.

There’s so many people out there I know that will get involved with a company, go to event after event, go to Super Saturdays, buy courses … and they are consistently doing this, but they’re not getting any results.

The very first thing you got to do, is to know what the heck you want! What do YOU WANT?

We hear success stories after success stories after success stories of men and women, young and old … It doesn’t make a difference what your race is.  It doesn’t make a difference what your religion is. It makes no difference. If you do the simple things we all know what to do and do them consistently – do the simple little things every single day, you’ll get results!

What do YOU want?  Everybody knows how to focus on what they don’t want.  When you focus on what you don’t want, you just attract more of what you don’t want.  And a lot of people don’t know what they want.

The second thing is they don’t know how bad they want it.  I knew I had Stinking Thinking. I knew I was thinking wrong.  I knew I was playing the old DVD in my head. Whoa is me. The victim.  Constantly blaming events, people and situations for my current situation.  I felt helpless. I felt stuck. I knew that this thing between my ears and all the programming I had in my life was messed up.

How did I know this?  I knew this by evidence from results in my life.

If you’re financially bankrupt, spiritually bankrupt, physically bankrupt, relationship bankrupt, if you’re everything bankrupt … it doesn’t make a difference, if the thinking is all messed up.  If your thinking is wrong, you’re toast. You need to correct your thinking.

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Robert Hollis
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