Capitalize on Trends!

One of the key things to my success is catching trends.  My mentor, who is a multi-billionaire, said you don’t have to be smart.  You don’t have to be intelligent. All you got to do is to find a trend. Find a trend that’s moving like a freight train at 80 mph west.  You don’t have to be smart to get in front of it, and guess what … you go west!!

I learned from these kinds of people my entire life and they are consistently jumping on trends.  And you know what? The Naysayers, the people who don’t make any money, the people that are not documented, the people who won’t show you their documentation … They’ll claim, you know those people who jump from company to company, they’re bad people.  Are they really?

I know this is going to sound controversial, but I don’t care.  I went out and consistently got a job. When I was an Auto Mechanic, I worked at almost every Toyota dealership in Southern California.  And I kept getting raises and more promotions with each job by learning new techniques and becoming more valuable to the marketplace. As one of my mentors, Jim Rohn, said, if you become more valuable to the market place, you’ll get paid more.  So I sought out individuals willing to pay me more.

Here’s my point:  if your current income is not in a trend, not going up or not growing, if your group’s not growing – and this may be controversial, but so what? – I’ve been involved with 16 different direct sales companies, why?  I made more money every time I went to a different company.

So when I talk about a game plan, really watch companies.  Because they’re trends. For example, companies that were the #1 companies five years ago may no longer the fast growing companies they once were.

When you see a trend with companies that are consistently growing consider it.  I know there is plenty of debate about jumping from company to company. OK, great.  Then give me a raise! Increase the amount of money that I make per satisfied customer.

That’s all I do.  Every day I go out and find people that either want to be a customer of my product, or I want to find people that want to become business partners with me.  And if one company will pay me more money than another company, then I’ll go there. I’ll be courteous and go to the person I’m currently working with and say “ABC Company is willing to pay me a lot more money and for that reason, I was wondering if you would give me a raise.”

That’s when you’ll find out exactly how much YOU ARE WORTH!!

Bottom line … Capitalizing on trends is what my mentors taught me that was invaluable information.

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Robert Hollis
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