1. (Pippi) LeslieAnne Hasty

    Dear Robert Hollis,
    Thanks so much for making these videos, and these courses! I have thought more about my “Why?” in the last 2 weeks than I have in years! I really appreciate the care and thought you’ve put into this, and I’d like to share a little bit of my story if you don’t mind.
    My Mom & Dad grew up during the Depression, (like yours probably did) and my grandfather took my Dad out of school when he finished the 8th grade to pick cotton in the fields and help support the family. My Dad left home as soon as he could enlist in the Army Air Corps, which became the USAF. He retired from that career with rheumatoid arthritis at an early age.
    So, All 3 of us kids were expected to go to college, and we did. All 3 of us served in the military. My brother was the one who early on decided that he wanted to work for himself, invented a new kind of braking system for cars, and has done that ever since.
    I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to “DO” for years. Every time I found something that I cared about, and wanted to do, something happened that closed that door for me.
    This is the door that I’m meant to walk through! This is a thing that is igniting that passion in my heart for helping people BE better, feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ll be working on this for a long time to come, and hope sincerely that I get to meet you someday soon! You are a wonderful inspiration, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    (By the way, we homeschool, too!)
    God Bless and take care!

  2. Kimley Armour

    Dear Robert Hollis,
    I would like to thank you for allowing me to watch the videos and look forward to reclaiming a winner. I also was diagnosed both a learning difference and language impairment. Despite of having an Associate, Bachelors and Master degrees, I was unable to obtain employment but managed to stay humble, independent, and drive an automobile. I was born in Alabama and raised in Detroit, Michigan by my mother. I was able to still have a positive relationship with my father who is now deceased. I thought that I was stuck in a rut but was determined. God was in the midst of my plans for my life. You have inspired me to know my Why and find my place of passion. I am seeking a coach and hope that you can coach me. God Bless and take care.

  3. Patrizio Biondo

    A fine example of how one who had/has experienced spiritual(ignorance of God’s help), mental(Dyslexia) and physical(obesity) barriers, who chose to overcome them, and rise to meet the challenge of being a leader! I have learned a lot from this short series, and I look forward to answering your love call Robert, and having you on my list of important influences! Thank you!

  4. Gaye Cheshire

    Thank you so much. I want to be a winner! I want to help people, make money, have a bigger home, take trips.
    You Robert Hollis are such a blessing to me.
    Thank you