How Is That Working? Platinum Edition

For the more in-depth learners, we have the Platinum Edition. Which comes with the Audiobook + Ebook and 2 Courses on how the book was written, and how to write and market a bestselling book. This package is for people who want to jump start their successful writing career by learning the methods that make your book stand out!

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  1. Patricia V de la Llosa

    I love going through all the courses on this page. I can be here all day, listening and watching the videos and all the material. Thank you so much, Matthew, for putting all this together. God bless!

  2. Dana Scranton

    First of all, a great big giant sincere genuine thank you to the Hollis team for putting this fantastic site together. It’s absolutely incredible, and just sparks idea after idea on how to get people engaged in this totally awesome community!

    Second, the content (very inadequate word for all that is here) is beyond incredible. I’ve gone through most of this on the other site, but now I’m going back and running through it all again. I feel like somebody lit off a string of firecrackers: pop, pop, pop, … pop! And the thing is, this content is not just a bunch of “stuff.” It’s silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and all sorts of other precious and rare stuff that is nothing short of incredible. Talk about gratitude! Geez, how can one possibly express enough gratitude for all of this?

  3. Erik Rodet

    This page is setup awesomely well! A big shout out to Matthew who as we know does so much work behind the screens, making it possible for us to see, find and use all the tools Robert is handing out to us so generously. Thank you so much Matthew. I really appreciate you so much!

  4. Chris LENYSZYN

    I am so excited about this new site Robert and Mathew! You have made it “Gooder and Gooder” for us all. Once again, Documentation Beats Conversation! How Is That Working You Ask? GREAT!

  5. Bobbi Raffin

    Ohhh My Goodness. This is set up BEAUTIFULLY!!! So impressive! I absolutely love the layout, colors, classes, connections…ALL of it. Love – Love – Love!

  6. Scott McAvoy

    This is amazing. I am so Blessed, Honored and Humbled to be part of Robert’s Advanced Master Class and having access to ALL of these Training Videos. This Content is PRICELESS, and I can’t wait to dive deep into it and do what Robert tells me to do to get the results that thousands of others have gotten by following his lead. Robert is a true Servant Leader and I am confident that I am in the right place at the right time. Thanks Robert (and Team Hollis) for ALL that you do!