Ned The Nerd | Character Course

In this course, Robert Hollis will help you identify those who waste your most valuable asset, time. And how to find people worthy of it.

1 Lesson

What this course will teach you
Robert Hollis not only shows you exactly who is wasting your time inside your business, but gives you steps to help you pinpoint when to move on to another prospect that will be interested in your business. This course comes with a detailed Video Course & a PDF to Follow

The 5 Most Important Tips You Will Learn:

  1. Who is stopping you from building your business and wasting your time.
  2. How to find the right people at the right time in their lives.
  3. What it will take to build your dreams into reality, and how to get there.
  4. Specific tasks you can do on a daily basis to encourage you to push for your dream.
  5. How to enjoy doing the tough work it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
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  1. Dana Scranton

    Inside the heart and soul of every nerd is a burning passion that can be channeled for the greater good of both humanity and the nerd. You have to learn to speak “nerd” in order to hear them. Sometimes, though, that passion will simply not channel in a way that is congruent with what you want, need, and perceive. That’s ok. Get out of their way and check back later. Nerds have a way of coming out of nowhere to become monstrously successful.