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In these five videos, Robert Hollis tackles everything you NEED to know to launch your Network Marketing Business In An Ethical and Successful Way.
Robert Hollis · August 28, 2019
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  1. Feel very blessed that you shared this with methat’s what it’s all about , helping others succeed and being blessed for it. That feeling we get when we share products that work , that relieve their discomfort or improve their lives and incomes… waking up getting paid because we were a part of their success! Amen! Thank you. Look forward to learning this and thanking you n Teri in person one day soon! Hugs y’all!

  2. This is unbelievable!!!
    Every single video was talking directly to me. I was the guy trying to find a why to make me cry and never get one, who uses complicated systems and LONG scripts to reach out to people with no results. (675 last three months and not even 1 new affiliate). Buying the perfect program and investing thousands of dollars and not getting any results. Try to create my own system and nothing worked.
    Thank you so much Robert for letting me be part of this amazing tribe and for allowing me to dream big again!!!!!!!!

  3. 5/17/22

    Hello Robert Hollis,
    First, I like to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your tribe. The videos that I have seen so far are very informative. I love the way you break it down so I can understand it. I’m looking forward to growing as an individual and being successful and improving the lives, of others. May God Continue to Bless you and your family to be a blessing to others..

  4. I love how you make it seem so simple I’m excited to get started and a lot of people come to mind as I’m watching these trainings and reading the “Basic book” you recommended it’s really helpful. Thank you

  5. So when I looked at this course overview, I went straight to the comments section and tried to find people who not only praise but have actually had success replicating this. I didn’t find that so let me be that person for the next set of inquisitive minds. What Robert talks about here is a mindset change in how we approach our target people and how to reach them where they are rather than where we want to get them. If finding out how people think, what is important to them and how to reach them in this digital age is important to you, I highly recommend checking out these short videos. You can literally go and start duplicating what Robert talks about straight away! I’m doing so now and I can promise you, if you’ve ever bought a course, the experts talk about exactly this, just in a more complicated way. Robert uncomplicated it.

  6. So grateful for you Robert. Everything you share in your life, business etc, has another story or lesson behind it. I truly believe as you mentioned, helping others succeed, is part of our growth and success. Looking forward for more lessons from the master. Bless you

  7. This was a fantastic path to potential success. I loved every part of it. Robert, you were right there, tell it right to the point and without wasting time. Thank you for sharing your great knowledge and even more so, your experience.

  8. Thank you for the shift I needed. “Get them results” and “who am I making money for”… these are inspiring goals that feel so good!
    I’m not about the money and have been frustrated because I’m barely making ends meet which makes life about the money.
    No more… going to take that cold shower and duplicate, duplicate, duplicate

  9. Going through all your training all over again, I’ve been here before with you and I gave up before I finished. The time is now, and I am truly ready to follow the Blackbelt master and do everything that the master teaches, just like the student in the movie Karate Kid, I’m that kid and you Robert are my master. Thank you for always being you!