The Hockey Player | Character Course

In this course, Robert teaches you how to find a goal and help others on your team find theirs also, so you can both score the dreams you’ve always had.

1 Lesson

What this course will teach you
Robert Hollis will show you through character how to set the right goals and be a team player. With steps to help you pinpoint and find each teammate that will help your business win. This course comes with a detailed Video Course & a PDF to Follow

The 5 Most Important Tips You Will Learn:

  1. How to set proper goals that you can reach quickly.
  2. How to pass the puck to others and help them achieve their goals.
  3. What to mentally do to get rid of the goalie in your head.
  4. Specific tasks you can do on a daily basis to encourage you to push for your dream.
  5. How to enjoy doing the tough work it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
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  1. Rod Cummings

    Wow, what an awesome series of examples in what to do and not to do with recruiting, goal setting and assisting others in reaching their goals!