The Prospector | Character Course

In this course, Robert goes in-depth on how to find Gold and Diamonds in your Group and how to encourage them to do the same.

1 Lesson

What this course will teach you
Robert Hollis will show you through character how to find prospects that are gold for your group. With steps to help you pinpoint and find each individual that will jump start your business. This course comes with a detailed Video Course & a PDF to Follow

The 5 Most Important Tips You Will Learn:

  1. Where all of the best customers are, and how it identify someone who is gold.
  2. How to build people into Diamonds so they can help you in your journey
  3. What it will take to build your dreams into reality, and how to get there.
  4. Specific tasks you can do on a daily basis to encourage you to push for your dream.
  5. How to enjoy doing the tough work it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
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