The Sensei | Character Course

In this course, Robert guides you on a path to inner peace and acceptance. This course is completely free!

1 Lesson

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  1. Rod Cummings

    What a powerful training! It kicked my butt and le me know just how much work I have still to do to become a “black belt” in network marketing and then a MASTER too! Thank you Robert!

  2. Christina Edwards Edwards

    I am so confused. I hit the take this course button and it sent me the How is this working for you book again. Am I doing something wrong? Also, I clicked to order the S.O.S and it said the path was not valid. I apologize.

    1. Matthew Hollis

      Hello Christina,

      We have fixed the issue 🙂 You should now be able to hit the “Take This Course” button while logged in to take The Sensei course.

      If you have any other issues, please hit the “help” button on the bottom right of your screen.