Documentation Beats Conversation

I don’t know if you’ve heard this phrase “Documentation Beats Conversation” before, but I heard it over thirty-five years ago from a gentleman named Roger Penske.

He’s not only a multi-billionaire, on top of that he’s won seventeen Indianapolis 500’s with eleven different drivers. Now that’s documentation.

So the reason I bring that up is when I brought this phrase into marketing thirty-one years ago, it made some heads turn. I want to go into detail on what “Documentation Beats Conversation” means.

There are two kinds of documentation that you want to look for when you’re seeking out a mentor or seeking out a coach. I am going to use examples.

The first thing you want to do is just ask, “Can you share with me some of your success stories?”

We do this everywhere else in the world with other services.

As an example, if you want to have a custom home built, you would seek out someone who professionally makes custom homes.

You may ask your family and friends, “Who’s a good home builder or someone who does a great work.”

Once they recommend someone, the next step may be to go see some of the homes they’ve built. This is all to make sure the person you are about to hire to build your dream home is…documented!

So why do we not do this when we are seeking out someone to learn from or follow?

If you only take this #1 rule away from this post then I believe it was worth your time. ASK for documentation. Ask for students or projects of theirs that have become successful.

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Robert Hollis

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