Fulfillment vs Happiness

If you’re following someone in personal development that’s just not clicking for you, you got to find something that you can’t wait to listen to every day.

That might sound weird to some of you, but, you know Jay Shetty said something recently. And when you hear it, you think … “Come on!”  But the whole point was if I asked every one of you what is one of the things you truly want in life? And before I even studied the word “Fulfillment”, the word for me would’ve been “Happiness.”

If you told everyone to write down their definition of the word “Happiness”, just like everything else in the world, 98% of the people in the world wouldn’t know what their definition of “Happiness” is.  Don’t you find that weird?

It’s like the Mark Twain statement, “I can help anyone in the world get what they want in life, I just can’t find anyone who knows what they want.”

So when you’re around people and you ask what they want and they say “Happiness” – explain “Happiness” to me.  “Ummmmm, I just want to be happy.” That ain’t gonna work!!

Let me share with you what Jay Shetty shared in one of his trainings that I never considered.  He said normally people say that I’m happy when I get the right job, or with the right mate, or accomplishing something.  He said, that’s why people never ever find happiness. Because “Happiness” is not excitement. Happiness is not achievement.  Happiness IS piece of mind.

This is part of Eastern philosophy.  According to Eastern philosophies, Happiness comes from the want of nothing.  You don’t need anything. I don’t need to get up. I don’t need to go to some place by 9:05.  I don’t need to respond to my Facebook messages. I don’t need to get to “5K”. Are you getting this?

Now, I focus on the word “Fulfillment” more than “Happiness.” So I don’t confuse people, usually my definition of a word is what the dictionary says it is.  Isn’t that interesting? Because you ask people what “Fulfillment” means to them and they don’t have an answer.

If someone does know what the word “Fulfillment” means – if they look it up and see the definition – they’ll understand that’s what I’m going after.  Because if I’m following a different definition of the word “Fulfillment” than what’s in the dictionary then you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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