Have a Clear Path to the Finish Line

I learned so many lessons from all my mentors.  Roger Penske (one of my first mentors) said to me, “Robert, you’re doing a lot of things right now.”  And I’ll never forget this. He said “Tell me about it.”

I told him I’m working with this team on Fridays and Saturdays,  and then on Sundays I work with another team that sponsor dragsters and funny cars.

Roger said, “Well you’re with us on Thursdays and Fridays.”

I said “Yeah, I am.”

PENSKE:  “Don’t you think you should figure out something you want to finish?”

HOLLIS:  “What?”

PENSKE:  “It sounds like you’re doing a lot of things because you don’t have a clear path to something you want to finish.”

HOLLIS: (pause) “Holy crap!”

PENSKE:  “You’re doing multiple things.  Have you heard the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none?  (pause) Robert, you need to pick a lane. What’s something you’re going to finish?”

HOLLIS:  (Big sigh and pause) “Woah!”

PENSKE:  “If you start finishing something, that’s going to get you into a habit where you’re going to finish this.”

HOLLIS:  “I never heard that before.”

PENSKE:  “Think of some things that you started … with the intent to finish, but you haven’t.”

So how many of you know people who, if you walked around their house, you’d see a bunch of unfinished stuff – they “almost” put in that window, they “almost” finished the bathroom.

Many people don’t realize they’re in the habit of starting something new before they finish something.  I know people who are geniuses and say they are reading 5 books right now. And I’m going, “Why not master a book?  Then apply and execute the things you learn in that book.”

I can imagine standing in front of your maker at the end of your life and they ask how much knowledge did you keep to yourself while you were on the planet?  And you say, “What do you mean?”

They respond, “Well, you didn’t apply any of it.  And the next step after applying it is to teach others how to get results with the knowledge you have.”

That’s called “wisdom”.

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