How To Deal With “Dino”

I don’t know if you remember me talking about “Dino” – that little voice in our head that constantly barks inside our head (like Dino the Dinosaur from “The Flintstones”) and tells us negative things or that other people can succeed but you’re sure not going to.

Do any of you think that I still go through that?  Every day!!! But I know how to kick Dino’s butt!! I know how to shut him up!

I recently heard from three people who were saying they were trying to get through negativity.  And while trying to get through that, there’s a way I learned how to get through it years and years ago … even before I got into marketing.

The way to stop the voices in your head from saying that “you suck”, “you’re no good”, “maybe this is not for you”, and “other people can do it but not me” is to VERBALLY WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN UP AND TALK!!

Your mind will stop to listen to what your mouth has to say.  Isn’t that interesting? Your brain will also stop to listen to what your mouth has to say.

Now here’s where people really mess up.  They’re not thinking good. They’re thinking negative.  They’re thinking negative on top of negative on top of negative.  And then … you’re attracting negative and you find negative. Then we try to think ourselves out of worrying.  How many of you are really good at that? Because I still can’t do it!

When I start thinking negative I have to open my mouth.  And if I open my mouth with positive thoughts and speak them out loud, I can change my mental state.  How many of you think it’s bizarre talking to yourself? Guess what? Do it anyway!! AND … what if you did it with emotion?

So when I have a negative thought, I’ll tell you what I do.  I say out loud to myself, “Delete”. Mentally in my mind I see and hit the delete button on a keyboard, as I’m saying “Delete, delete, delete … erase, erase, erase!”

And then immediately right behind that, I follow it up with a prayer of revelation (for those of you who are religious) and then say “I’m a miracle.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

And with this, I can change my state.  You can too!!

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Robert Hollis
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