How To Stop Overthinking #1

If you’re an overthinker, you can’t stop overthinking.  So what you do it to control it? Simply ask yourself the question:  “How can I make this situation better? How can I make this situation easier? Simpler?  How can I make this duplicatable?”

I think you can now see where my success has come from.  I’m constantly saying: “How can I make this simpler? How can I make this work with less steps?  Where can I find the right people?”

I’m always asking myself these types of questions instead of: “What if I do this wrong?  What if I’m saying the wrong thing? Why am I talking to the wrong people? Why am I scared? Why am I a procrastinator?”

When you ask yourself these types of questions, your mind is going “I DON”T KNOW!”  So what you have to do is to ask your mind “HOW?”

The issue is that we think that this has got to be more difficult, because that’s the programming we’ve had in our minds.  “Why would you move forward if you thought you were missing something? Why do we say that? We’re missing something. We’re missing the secret sauce.”  OR “the people training us are hiding their secrets from us.”

That’s what we say and do, because we don’t want to practice.  We don’t want to practice to get better.

Bruce Lee said, the way to mastery was based on how many hours you practiced today.    My question to you is how much did you practice today?

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Robert Hollis
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