How To Stop Overthinking #2

The second thing I would share with you is there are two kinds of mistakes.  One is trying to learn from your own mistakes. Two is learning from the mistakes of others.

There’s got to be a point where you have to find somebody who uses a process that YOU like.  Then master the process – this Certain Way – and not question it.

So when 1) the message is good, 2) people are making money, 3) the product’s working, 4) the comp plan works, and 5) the marketing system works, how can you get more people in front of the video or the process?

What I believe most people do is to think about how they can get this person to buy a product.  They think how can I get this person to become an affiliate. See what I mean. And that’s the wrong thought.  People don’t join with a person they don’t trust.

Every one of us has been turned off by a salesperson because we could see they didn’t care – just from their attitude, the way they sounded and by the way they felt.  We’ve all been approached by someone in a retail store that asks “Can I help you with anything?” with this similar type of mentality.

What you have to do is change your motive.  Think “How can I give to this person?” and proceed to put them into a better place than where you originally found them.

It was through me trying to connect with them, giving them the information my mentor gave to me, and constantly wanting to give that made me build reciprocity and connection with people.

A friend of mine posted this the other day that sums it all up pretty well, “My goal is just to connect with people and keep giving them things until they ask me ‘what do you do?'”

For analytical types, think about what you have to do to get this person to ask you “what you do.”  I know I can’t stop myself from thinking; so I’m constantly thinking about what can I do to make the process faster, simpler, and more effective.

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Robert Hollis
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