I’m Back!

I wanted to take the time to share with every one of you some of the incredible things that are happening to me and things that are working for me.

Six months ago my incredible wife came up to me and said, “Hey listen, let’s pick out a Network Marketing company, and I want you to help me and show me how to do this business.”

What that has turned into is a case study that made me realize not only how good I am at marketing but also how good I am at network marketing.

So what did we do? We were able to take her position from zero to a $100,000 – $200,000 in six months!

We built a Facebook group named “Vision Team” which now has over 15,000 people who are now part of that group, which we started on April 1st, 2018.

That turned into over 8900 people that are active members of my wife’s organization. So not only did she make a $102,000 upfront that fast but she’s generated a residual income that’s over $300,000 a year.

Now, why am I saying this to you? Because this time this time I’m going to document everything…

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Robert Hollis
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