Is Your Business Stagnant? Get a 2nd Opinion!

With the most important things that you do in life … I need to ask you a question.  Are you the kind of person that gets a second opinion?

When it comes to trends, when it comes to training, when it comes to coaching, when it comes to mentoring, why do we only get one opinion??  It’s like going to the very first doctor that says you’ve got cancer and you’re going to die and you say “Oh. OK.”

Get a second opinion.  Get a second opinion from people that are documented and that have success stories with others who have had documented success.  You owe it to yourself.

You know better than anybody if your business is growing or not.  If it’s stagnant and not growing. Do you continue to go to the same training and the same coaching and they keep saying the same thing over and over again?  Is it stuff you don’t want to do or you like to do or you don’t think that will work? Or maybe your beliefs are not where they are?

Maybe you are working with people who haven’t taught you “HOW”.  HOW to get rid of the limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts. HOW to get you into a ritual that actually builds your self-confidence, builds your self-worth and puts you in a place where you get up every day and know exactly what your vision is – your purpose and passion and you can’t wait to go to it.

Get a second opinion!

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Robert Hollis
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