Tackling Your Limiting Beliefs!

When you really think about it, “limiting beliefs” come from our culture or what some may call “culture-scape”.  They include certain things you thought about at one time in your life; you now don’t think about in the same way.

It’s like when we were young.  The thought of kissing another human being that’s not our mom or dad was the most repulsive thing on the planet.  You could get germs or something bad will happen to you.

Then when you grow up and have that kiss.  When you have THAT KISS that rocks your world, a connection happens and everything works right.  Isn’t it amazing that you spend the rest of your life trying to figure out how to do that?

So one of the unique things you’ll find out about learning this is that other cultures think different.  I love hearing the way other cultures are brought up, because the way they think is totally different than the way you think.

What you have to understand is what are your limiting beliefs, what do you believe, what have you grown up with? This has to do with your spiritual beliefs, your culture, your background, your nationality, your color, your age … all those things are where we find our beliefs.

Do you want to get to a place in your life where you want to be successful and happy?  The key to happiness and the key to success is how you believe about certain things. What you need to do is to start questioning “where did your belief come from” and “why do I believe in it so strongly”?  When I started to ask myself these types of questions, it rocked my world. A key question that I love training on is “How Do You Know That?”

Really ask yourself, where are these beliefs coming from?  Bottom line is that I used to say the same stuff maybe you say:  “This is not for me”; “I’m not a people person”; “I don’t know what I’m doing”; or “I don’t like sales.”  I used to say a bunch of “I can’t” and “I don’ts”, because I didn’t take the time to learn from people who could and do.

I know you can do this because I learned to do it.  I’ve taught thousands of people how to do it. You have to learn to get rid of the limiting beliefs, and you too will get results.

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Robert Hollis
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