How is That Working Audiobook + Ebook


The book identifies the common pitfalls that cause many businesses to falter and fail and offers strategies to avoid these mistakes.

The book presents the essential steps required to build a successful enterprise and attract and keep loyal customers. It outlines a process for identifying, evaluating and selecting business opportunities best suited for individual success and fulfillment. Robert shares the success secrets of the most successful people in affiliate marketing, network marketing, and online marketing. If you want to start a business as a new career or as a second income this book will show how to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.



How Is That Working? is witty, insightful and inspiring.

Robert Hollis has over 1,000,000 customers and fans. He enthusiastically shares his insights and discoveries with marketers and business builders around the globe.

Max J. Miller writes about leaders, creators and heroes. He writes to inspire, transform, and empower people to make life more workable and happier for others.


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