Stop Trying to Do Life by Yourself!

It’s Frustrating!! Doing it all by yourself sucks!!

This is the reason, in my opinion, so many people quit everything.  If you’re in this position of always quitting, always quitting; going to company, company, company; trying business after business after business; trying technique after technique after technique; trying all different kinds of marketing stuff – online and offline (everything) – and you’re not getting results, please find someone documented that helps other people get success.

Everything you do is based on your beliefs and thoughts; this whole concept that we’re supposed to be doing things by ourselves.  You know: “I did it through the school of hard knocks.” It’s the whole concept of where we can’t ask for help. We don’t feel like we’re enough.  We don’t feel deserving or that we can ask someone to help us.

I want to really challenge your thinking here.  A lot of books I’ve been reading recently have to do with “what’s holding you back”, “what are these things you know you can do better”, “you know you deserve better”, and “you know you’re worth more.” If other people can do it, why in the hell can’t you?

Usually, everything we do is passed down from generation to generation.  Now here’s the sad fact that you really have to recognize: YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT YOU DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE!!

The first book my mentor told me to read was “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  They dedicate a whole chapter to “Who Are You Hanging Around?” Who is around you? Who is coaching you?  Who is mentoring you?

And when that answer is “Nobody.”  When no one’s taken the time to share with you the importance of having someone that’s documented with helping other people succeed.  When you’re not around an individual like that, you wonder why you struggle, you wonder why it’s difficult, you wonder why it’s frustrating, and you wonder why you’re not getting results.

Start learning to ask for help from people who are documented with helping others. Choose a documented mentor! Find someone who will show you how to do it. Not tell you how to do it!   

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Robert Hollis
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