The Perfect Student

Every now and then you are blessed with what I call “The Perfect Student”

Someone who catches you at the right time in your life and in theirs.

Mentors live for this moment. It’s why I do what I do!

I’ve been very lucky and blessed to have many perfect students in my career so far. And I know I will receive more.

But there is one in particular that I want to share with you today.

I received a video yesterday from one of my students. Her name is Meladee Ryba.

Meladee’s story before she ever met me is incredible and inspiring. She’s been through many things that would force most people to quit, to give up.

But not Meladee…

Not only did she soldier on to become great, she now pushes others to do the same by sharing her personal experiences and life with everyone who has ears to hear.

She is one of my Perfect Students and I wanted to share a video with you she sent me yesterday.

Thank you Meladee for not only pushing through the hardships for you and your family, but also for the many others that you will inspire and help!

Love You Meladee!

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Robert Hollis

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  1. Joleeen

    When I started my quest to get off SSI and become Independent again, was an enormous step. Fear of failure, insecurities , Treatment coming out of remission, , losing the only finically line I had. Literally I was Petrified !!! . I had basically turned into a stay home grandma next door. Don’t get me wrong , I adored the position, just was tired of going with out . And after raising 2 children on my own, to darn Independent to continue excepting gov assistance when I knew there
    was something else I could learn?!?! I worked hard , was strong and a go getter, however I was no longer capable of working like that anymore…. I’ve always Been aware of self-help groups, and have been a member of my fair share, “ Personal If you want to know more, by all means message me” “ Nothing ever embarrassing of overcoming” To make an enormously long story short when I started Online Marketing , life was still life and was continuing on~ I was online 12 to 16 hours a day , thought I was doing everything right!!! Not only was I running around in circles I neglected my husband, didn’t get anything online done, and never found anyone quite like Robert Hollis. All I heard was The money is in the list~ having a millionaire mindset~ and traffic traffic traffic ! I’m not saying the opportunities weren’t there , I’m just saying that I wasn’t actually introduced to anybody like Robert Hollis! I was active on Facebook and I met all these people and wondered why they were so damn happy and had such a great attitude, lol. ~~~> Melodee I loved your story , so very many formulates . I pray to God , Hug a tree, wear crystals and study all these knowledgeable books I now have access to , that I to,,, I mean to say , I CANT WAIT FOR THAT DAY TO BEABLE TO SAY THE SAME THING!
    God Bless Robert, and everyone he has touched!