Traveling Companions

One of the most challenging aspects of beginning a new venture has to do with how one’s peers, friends, and family respond.

Since “birds of a feather flock together,” people may seem off ended that you want more out of life.

It can be very lonely to break ranks with those who are satisfied with the status quo.

You love them, but you know you have to create some distance (at least for a while) to nurture a winning mindset.

Let them be. Friends will remain friends, and family will still be there. Trying to change other peoples’ views and desires will lead only to frustration.

Here’s the good news. As soon as you step out of that comfortable peer group, you will begin to discover individuals who share similar dreams.

Some of these will become your traveling companions. And if you have a spouse or a friend who shares your dreams, you are doubly blessed to share the journey with them.

On my journey I have found traveling companions in unexpected places. Some of my closest friends are what most of the world might consider competitors.

While we may spar playfully from time to time, we freely tell one another about our latest resources, insights, and “trade secrets” because we share an abundance mentality that sees our market as unlimited.

We spark one another’s creativity and gain inspiration from one another. Leaders in all fields learn from their peers.

Basketball star Kobe Bryant famously watches videos of top players’ games in his down time to continue to master his own game.

Artisans and craftsmen of all kinds study the works and techniques of their colleagues.

Great actors study the performances of other actors.

So go out there and explore. Maybe you will find some Traveling Companions of your own.

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Robert Hollis

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