Welcome To The New HQ!

Let me be the first to welcome you to Robert Hollis HQ.

Over the coming months we will continue to add all of our earlier courses into this new HQ with achievements, quizzes, groups and many other things attached to them.

As always, this will take a bit of time and we will continue to update you on the latest developments. Please check back inside of our blog posts for new additions and updates!


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  1. Robert Hollis

    Matthew, Thank you so very much! The effort and creativity that you have put into this Communication Center my mind is blown! Super Proud of You! Again you don’t raise the bar! YOU ARE THE BAR! Love You!

  2. Judy Dickson

    I am so glad you’ve done this for us Matthew! This is VERY HELPFUL! I’m so incredibly blessed to be a part of all of this! 2018 is starting off right because of what I’ve learned and applied in this group already and I’ve just barely scratched the surface of everything! YOU, Robert, Meladee and the incredible members are THE BEST! THANK YOU ALL!

  3. Scott McAvoy

    This looks awesome. Great job Matthew. I look forward to diving deeper into the Courses and get more out of the new Life Mechanic HQ. Thank you for your Servant Leadership.

  4. Robert Dorsey

    Just an awesome production of care and creativity… What a blessing to be part of this family and what it means to those who you have touched with hope and love… Thanks to Matthew Hollis for being a blessing… You are awesome!!

  5. Mimi Gauthier

    What an exciting and comprehensive training and communication hub!! I’m the type of gal who truly appreciates all of the time, effort and dedication to helping others that you all show by creating this for us!! Congratulations Matthew!! YOU are the genuine article and a chip off the ol’ Go-Giver Block!!❤️ Thank you so much I can’t wait to DIG IN!! Feeling so blessed…❤️❤️❤️

  6. Donna Allen

    Matthew, its so nice to see you are carry on your Dad’s legacy of nothing but the best. I’m very impressed with how you have put this together!
    I just could not resist but to come on in and pull up a chair and dine at the table of greatness. I was impacted by your Father’s teaching and have learned most of what I know from him. I was very new to this online stuff and then he came into my path. I’m a life time student /following. Love you and all of the Hollis Family!

  7. Elaine Thomas

    Hello Matthew,

    Thank you God for creating Matthew Hollis!
    Your Dad just happens to have over 30 years of Network Marketing experience because he’s older than you…. I strongly believe if it wasn’t for your commitment and devotion to creating the many different Full Time Network Marketer Facebook pages, groups, fan pages, more groups, websites, Life Mechanic, how to do videos, etc, and all the setting of them along with being the man behind the scenes getting his live training coaching calls he would have had to hire/source out all the work you’ve done but would none of it would look as sweet as what you’ve done for him. It’s the body of what makes things come together that people don’t see is what makes or breaks all sites. You’ve done so much for your Dad! I just want to let you know how blessed Dad is for all you do, and I don’t even know the 1/2 of what you do to hold his company together!
    Your naturally magnificent computer skills are Phenomenal!! One of the many gift God’s given you is priceless creativity shows your passion to design the best graphics that shines so bright in here. All you’ve done for your Dad must have been a great learning tool you can now use to create/design what you want to do for you with your now fine tuned skills <3
    How can I tell this site's been created with love? Cuz it says it loud and clear here: © 2018 – Life Mechanic LLC – All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | (((Designed with ❤ by Matthew Hollis)))
    May God bless you with every desire, dream, and more each day!

  8. Clara

    This is absolutely incredibly and amazing . Thank you so much Matthew, The effort and creativity that you have put into this site is mind blowing. We are so blessed to have a HQ where the best of the best can meet and communicate, network , exchange knowledge, skills and mastermind together. Love you all <3 From the bottom of my heart I can not say Thank you enough to the entire Hollis Family !

  9. Joyce Jolly

    Hi Matthew, I am attending this group by way of Zak Shahid. Thank you for sharing the gifts and I am looking forward to building relationships with like-minded people on this platform.